Who we are

Far Home Hostels Far Home Hostels is a group that started it's journey back in 2011 with a very small hostel located on Chinchilla Street in Madrid and now offers three different locations. Three of them in the city of Madrid and another one in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. That's who we are. The soul of our team, formed by professionals from different specialties, is to find the aesthetics and singularities  through an ideal Price - Quality relation that will allow and contribute to the renovation of historic neighbourhoods, giving this way a huge chance of survival to buildings that are very hard to renovate. But this is not our only goal. We want to break frontiers by creating cultural spaces to spread scientific and cultural knowledge. This way, Far Home Hostels always committed to Science, dedicate part of our earnings in the promotion of young scientists, providing them with a space to present their projects, and by doing so, stimulate the discussion and debate of their topics. And all of this done around a very good glass of wine and a cold beer