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From Far Home Group we want to present our new  initiative called Far Home Club. Due to the great reception we received with Hostel ConCiencia, we wanted to create a meeting space for all those people who work in any professional field, thus offering a place to share interests and passions for any subject that allow them to enrich their quality of life through interaction with individuals from all over the world. Far Home Club is an open invitation to anyone who is passionate about culture in general, art, design, history, technology, science and everything that involves the dissemination of this information, either through written publications or through presentations and written publications. Defocus With the creation of Far Home Club we want to make available a welcoming, friendly and informal space with a design that invites debate and conversation. It is the perfect environment to interact with people from different countries, facilitating cultural exchange and learning new ways and different points of view, all within a cosmopolitan environment

Within this concept, we have the availability of offering accommodation, catering with bar, logistical support and ideal facilities for holding meetings.

If you are passionate about the dissemination of the arts, technology and science and you want to meet people who share the same love for knowledge, we invite you to be part of our family. Just get in touch with us.

In this way, Far Home Club, continues our commitment to scientific and cultural dissemination through the creation of a community that is passionate about knowledge.

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